Accolades, Anniversaries & Additional Kaizonians

It’s no secret that customer experience is an evolving domain in business. The subscription economy has certainly been a driving force for this change, as has the pandemic.

Bruce Temkin- Head of Qualtrics XM stated: “Last year [2020] was extremely important in accelerating customer experience. In fact, the discipline went through a metamorphosis that ultimately will be very good for its long-term evolution.”

This ‘evolution’ is extremely important to us at Kaizo. Not only evolving the performance of CX teams around the world operationally, but also evolving together as an industry to help better ourselves as teams and individuals.

This April, we wanted to double down on evolving with a focus on performance management- both through our product, but also through the content we provide.

April Highlights at Kaizo

📅  One year of performance management at Kaizo

It was exactly one year ago that Kaizo introduced gamification and AI into the world of agent skill building and improvement. Coined as ‘performance management’, Kaizo has successfully helped support teams around the globe unlock their full potential in providing elite customer experiences. 🎉

🏡  Release our new QA house

As part of our continuous quest to improve our product’s offerings, we updated and rehoused our QA features. With an upgraded user experience and easy access via the Kaizo Village, we hope to help improve the efficiency of teams’ QA programs. Happy rating!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Growing the Kaizo team 

During April, we added 4 new super-powered Kaizo Ninjas to our team.

Corbin Norman to further drive our digital marketing power. 

Shaakirah Chettiar to lead our customer support.

Sven van Dam to supercharge our engineering team.

Vladimir Kuriatkov to bolster our development team.

👑 Kaizo blog ranked among the best in the industry

Feedspot ranked our blog 21st among a global list of the top 50 customer support blogs, websites & influencers. With so many close interactions with industry experts, we are thrilled to be able to share knowledge that helps evolve teams and individuals in CX. Stay tuned for more awesome content via our blog and podcast!

🎙️ Sponsored the hugely successful CX Academy Live Event

Kaizo proudly sponsored this Zendesk event showcasing top-performing customer experience use cases within the Zendesk ecosystem. Our CEO, Christoph Auer-Welsbach was one of four judges awarding Zendesk partners awards that night.

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