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Kaizo is a top-rated, unified, actionable Workforce Performance Management (WPM) platform covering the entire customer support life-cycle from planning, to assessment, development, and engagement. It uses real-time insights from performance data, gamification, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve operational efficiency, individual productivity, and team engagement.

Our product has held its place amongst the top 10 rated apps in the Zendesk marketplace and is used by thousands of customer support professionals worldwide. We are also thrilled to have been named in Forbes list of Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2020.

Founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, our team of 20+ ambitious Ninjas is transforming performance management and creating an engaging and productive digital work environment for customer support teams.

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Outsmarting Customer Service Challenges

Let’s face it: customer service teams are often understaffed, and today — more than ever. Hiring new talent is often not an option, but you need to increase quality of service, not employee number...

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