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    ‘Rising’ through the ranks

    In 2021 alone, the customer support industry has come a long way. Especially by the increasingly positive perception it is gaining amongst other industries. In May, Kaizo accomplished a m...

    Accolades, Anniversaries & Additional Kaizonians

    This April, we wanted to double down on evolving with a focus on performance management- both through our product, but also through the content we provide.

    Records are made to be broken… again

    In March, teams around the globe continued to embrace agent empowerment. This led Kaizo to smash our downloads record from February by 30+%. 👊

    Kaizo: 2020 in Review

    2020 was a year like no other. Yet despite the adversity faced by our industry, Kaizo had an achievement filled-year on its quest to change the game of customer support.