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Watching Samurai bust the support door open!

Where do we even start? It’s been a while, but you won’t believe what’s been cooking here at Kaizo! Let us ease you into it, and the things that will come next.

Closing 2022 and Peeking into 2023

Snow is falling and the holiday season is finally here! And as always, it’s time again for us to share our monthly rundown.

Sprinting to the finish line

Is November already over? Here at Kaizo, we've been laser-focused on achieving our goals and preparing for the future. Before the time escapes us again, let's take a moment to reflect on this m...

Celebrating Customer Support Globally

The Kaizo team voted and everyone agreed. October was the most exciting month this year! With plenty of events to attend and initiatives to lead, we look forward to telling you exactly what we've ...

Making Investments and Seeing the Return

This month we explored how we are helping our customers invest in their teams — and our own!

Outsmarting Customer Service Challenges

Let’s face it: customer service teams are often understaffed, and today — more than ever. Hiring new talent is often not an option, but you need to increase quality of service, not employee number...

Get performance insights at a glance with ‘Team Scorecard’

We’re excited to announce Kaizo’s brand-new performance assessment feature - Team Scorecard. It makes it swifter and easier than ever to compare, evaluate, and manage your customer support team’s p...

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