Doubling Down on Employee Empowerment

July at Kaizo was all about employee empowerment. Whilst 'agent empowerment' has been our yearly campaign for 2021, we decided to 'double down' in July and show appreciation not only for support agents but for all employees involved with the Kaizo community.

So, what does a 'double down' look like at Kaizo? We decided to intertwine employee empowerment in four of our communication mediums: product, content, events, and social media.

Here are a few of our proudest achievements.

July Highlights at Kaizo

πŸ”“ Breathing new life into the Reopen Rate metric

Reopen Rate is one of the most important metrics for pinpointing coachable areas for your team and promoting performance improvement. So, why is it so often forgotten? In short, because it's not measured properly. When you count all the meaningless ticket reopens (e.g: the "thank you's" and "I really appreciate it's") the metric is diluted and loses its credibility in representing your customer's satisfaction.

That's why we created the Reopen Rate Challenge Feature. This empowers agents to remove all the noise from their archives and avoid being penalized for invalid reopens, meaning a truer, fairer CSAT.

Now, in real-time, agents will not only know exactly the moment when the ticket got reopened but also will be rewarded with skill points for those tickets that were not reopened. This brings transparency to performance evaluation and creates more coachable moments.

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πŸ‘‹ Kaizo joins Hello Amsterdam 2021

On 22nd July, our very own Head of Recruitment Cristina Casciuc, and Software Engineer Team Lead Arjun Dhawan represented Kaizo at the first annual Hello Amsterdam event.

Hello Amsterdam is the most inclusive career & hiring event for STEM talents, startups and scale-ups in the Amsterdam area. We were thrilled to see the awesome turnout of candidates that came to hear us chat about all of our current and upcoming engineering opportunities for students and graduates.

We love initiatives that empower students to take the next step in achieving their dreams. Already looking forward to next year's event!

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🀝 'Meet the Team' campaign

To celebrate employee empowerment, this month we decided to show a little love to all the hard-working ninjas who have made Kaizo what it is today. Each week we showcase one of our awesome team members, sharing a little bit about them and what they do at Kaizo on our social channels.

With a team and company that is growing as fast as ours, it's important to take a step back and appreciate not only the amazing work of the team that helped this growth but the amazing blend of cultures and backgrounds that come with working at an international scale-up.

We're extremely proud of the entire Kaizo team and can't wait to continue on this amazing journey together!

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πŸ“— Introducing: The Customer Service QA Handbook

Quality Assurance is a cornerstone of great customer service. Perhaps, now more than ever, with the digitilization of many workforces and marketplaces, empowering agents to understand and be part of QA is of the utmost importance.

To give some guidance for all levels of experience, from agent to QA Team Lead, we created The Customer Service QA Handbook. Covering everything from 'For Dummies' definitions to complex strategies, this book will empower support experts around the world to improve the quality of their service.

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