Hitting the Big Time and Celebrating People

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August at Kaizo was anything but vacation mode. In a matter of 31 days, we got featured in a top tech media outlet, got recognized as one of the best AI-driven startups in the Netherlands, opened new positions within the company, celebrated women's equality day, and befriended a wild lion. 

Right, the last one might be a lie, but it could also be true at this point. Kaizo is developing at breakneck speed, opportunities are mushrooming everywhere we go, so it does take quite some effort to keep up with what is happening on this boat.

Here are some things you wouldn’t want to miss.

August highlights at Kaizo

🗞️ Getting featured on Silicon Canals

Christoph Auer-Welsbach, our co-founder and CEO, talked to Silicon Canals, a leading European technology news source, and told them how we make people raise an eyebrow by leveraging gaming to help customer support teams turn into superheroes.

Super Mario, ninja, Marvel hero — whatever you want to call it. As long as customer support teams give customers the best experience with their company, they deserve every superhero title in the world. Our gamified performance management software is what makes CSAT numbers skyrocket, helps teams close tickets with mind-boggling speed and efficiency and, most importantly, have fun while doing it. 

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✔️ Making it to yet another top 101 AI startups list 

Not so long ago, Forbes recognized us as one of the top 25 machine learning startups to watch

And last month we were honoured to be put in the same line with some of the most promising AI startups in the Netherlands. Beststartup.up cherry-picked startups based on how innovative their idea is, the quality of their growth strategies, management practices, and societal impact. Seeing our name on this list gives us a clear message that we are moving in the right direction and motivates the team to keep pushing. 

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🕵️ Setting out to find senior managers

They say it takes two to tango. In this case, it takes an exceptional business idea and remarkable people. At this point, Kaizo is home to 24 people and 14 nationalities but we have only just begun! 

Are you an ambitious product manager ready to experiment with our product?

Then apply here and show us what you’ve got! No worries, we’ll show you what we’ve got too, it’s a two-way street after all. 

Or do you rock sales? Then apply here and let’s see if you can be our next Experienced Sales Development Manager. 

P.S. If these jobs are not for you but you know a friend of a friend who can make a great fit — feel free to let us know!

And while we are on that, here are two more roles we currently have open:

Experienced Scala Engineer

Data Engineer

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♀️ Celebrating women's equality day 

Equality is one of the founding blocks and main values here at Kaizo. We strive to diversify our workplace and make sure that every voice gets heard. Our Kaizonian women make a world of difference at our company and we happily devoted August 26th to celebrate them.

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What’s coming up?

💪 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award

October 4-6 is globally recognized as Customer Service Week. We decided to go above and beyond to reward customer service champions out there and introduced our own 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award. 

Do you know a colleague or an agent who rocks customer service and deserves recognition for it? Nominate them!



🎁The winners will get some nice gifts, including Apple Macbook, headphones, and much more. They will also get a chance to join Kaizo’s Support Heroes podcast. 

To nominate an agent just follow the link and tell us why you’re nominating them by filling out a simple form.

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As we gear up for yet another hot season in 2021, be sure to keep your eyes open for our upcoming news! We have big plans for 2021 Customer Service Week; plus we are super excited to be helping our customers like Foot Locker, Miro, Axonius, and Trading212 have a smooth ride during the upcoming holiday period.  

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