Enabling Performance Coaching and Celebrating Customer Support

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Paradoxically, November felt like a year and a day at Kaizo. How so, you might wonder? It flashed by extremely fast, but we managed to get so many things done that we actually need some time to go over all the achievements. In short, we took another major step towards enabling Performance Workflow Automation, gave our marketing team a huge spin (more on that in our future articles), geared up customer support leads for Black Friday, and celebrated customer service agents.

Now, let’s look at all of those things in a little more detail. 

November highlights at Kaizo

🏃 Enabling Performance Coaching

We have set out on a journey to enable the management and execution of Performance Coaching in customer service. This means that Customer Support Leads will be able to establish Coachable Moments in their teams (with the help of ‘Missions’) and, most importantly, effectively act upon them (using ‘Action Items’) while following their set goals and KPIs. Having the chance to always do the right thing at the right time when bringing agents into the game will empower Team Leads to provide continuous guidance on individual performance improvement for their team members. 

This increased engagement and ownership of the agent, and therefore improved active relationship between manager (TL) and workforce (agent), leads to higher employee satisfaction and higher achievement rates of set goals/KPIs. Such a step up will not only bring about noticeable performance improvement but will also lead to higher employee retention. 

You can read more about the value of the release here

🌱 Welcoming a new Head of Marketing

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We were endlessly proud to break the news: Corbin Norman, our Digital Marketing Manager, got promoted to Head of Marketing for his outstanding performance and great contribution to all of our marketing efforts. With his structured all-round approach, he hit the ground running and has already built up a whole list of plans for this year as well as 2022. This is the kind of attitude we really value here at Kaizo!

📢 Holding a Black Friday webinar

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The holiday season is a rush for everyone, more so for the people involved in the B2C sector. With the abundance of purchases being made on Black Friday and on the days that following it, customer support teams feel overwhelmed with the influx of requests. To understand what can be done there, we invited four support leaders from the B2C sector as panelists to talk about their tricks of the trade when it comes to dealing with the holiday season. 

The webinar was a massive success — we got answers for a lot of questions and saw our speakers agree on many ‘tactics’ for managing the seasonal challenges. You can watch the webinar here

🦸🏽‍♀️ Celebrating Support Heroes 

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Following our Kaizo 2021 Support Hero Award, we decided to individually celebrate each of our winners and highlight the things that make them outstanding customer support representatives.

For example, here is Hope Zubova, a support hero from Miro, who became our ultimate winner for her creative solutions and genuine interest in the satisfaction of Miro’s customers. 

🔜 What’s next?

🎄 Christmas is coming and, as usual, we have something very special in mind to celebrate Kaizo and our achievements in 2021. Stay tuned to learn what we managed to achieve this year and what ambition we’re taking with us to 2022!

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