Wrapping up 2021

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How do you imagine a wrap-up? It would usually have to be a time to slow down, look back, smile or shed a tear. But not at Kaizo, of course. December was just as much of a race as any other month — but racing can be rewarding, right?

Here, have a look at our 2021 farewell month.

December highlights at Kaizo

🏋️‍♀️Developing the culture of coaching

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Performance coaching is a lifestyle, a philosophy, and an art. It is the very path you need to take to get from good customer service to remarkable customer service. We want to give customer support leaders a hand in empowering the continuous growth of their agents, automate everything that can be automated, and make this coaching experience a journey to remember. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Read our latest blog posts to learn more about the initiative. 

🔍 Opening new roles

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December was a time of all-nighters for our recruitment. This month alone, we opened 5 roles for new people to join our Kaizo team. The following months are expected to be no different so buckle up — our family is about to get much bigger!

Also, if you are interested in joining our hustle or know someone who could be a great fit — just say the word, we’ll do the rest of the job!

📢 Celebrating our webinar panelists

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We took a few days to celebrate every speaker who attended our last webinar and share their insights with our audience. For example, here’s a piece of advice from Stephanie Robilliard, a seasoned Head of Customer Support from Ekster: 

❓How to hire right?

Stephanie: “Look for people who have other talents and interests, not just customer support [so they can later develop their career or transition into another department]...When people feel like they have a say in the business their sense of accountability goes up. Talk to your agents so they don’t feel like they are just answering questions for 8 hours”.

🎄 Having a Secret Santa party

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We are an international place, harbouring unique talent other companies chase. But since we are also Dutch, in a sense, (our HQ is in Amsterdam), we decided to honour the famous Dutch tradition — writing poems for each other. 

This Christmas party was quite possibly one of the most wholesome moments we have had together (besides our workation in Lisbon, of course). People made drawings and illustrations for each other, wrote theatrical scripts and poems — we’re one step away from opening a Kaizo culture center at this point. 

🎁 Giving early Christmas gifts to 2021 Kaizo Award winners

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Working with customer support, we know how important it is to reward and recognize people for their achievements at work. As the last step of our 2021 Kaizo Award, we sent a special gift to all of our winners. Coincidentally, it happened to turn into a season of early Christmas gifts for them. For some, even early birthday gifts. 

🔜 What’s next?

Q1 and Q2 are going to be transformative in the history of Kaizo. We’ve got great ambition and blitzkrieg plans. You can probably sense some of it from the number of roles we opened up, but there is so much more coming. Stay tuned!

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