Unwrapping 2022

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New year — new beginnings, they say. New faces, new customers, new stories — life at Kaizo is bustling. 

If there is one thing we know for sure it’s that 2021 was a remarkable year in Kaizo’s history and it took us places we didn’t know we would be able to reach. So our plans for 2022 are even bolder and more audacious. But we already hit the ground running and have no intention to stop.

Here’s a short recap of our 2021 and an introduction to our 2022. 

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January highlights at Kaizo

🗞️ Getting featured in multiple media outlets

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We became the talk of the town — Kaizo got mentioned by multiple media outlets this month. Getting listed among the most “notable AI companies in Amsterdam” and “best AI startups that can help shape the future of AI in the Netherlands and Europe” makes it evident that we are on the right track and motivates us to push forward even harder. 

We extremely value this recognition as it supports our efforts to become a leader in the performance journey management space, and because we're more determined than ever to go after our mission to automate performance workflows.

You can read about us here:

1. Dutch AI ecosystem spreads its wings even further, as it becomes part of European AI Landscape

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3. 24 Amsterdam-based AI startups that are hiring in 2022

📈 Exploring our customers’ journeys with Kaizo

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We are always excited to learn about our customers’ journey with Kaizo so this month we talked to Endclothing (END.), a global fashion retailer with 800+ employees, to see how their approach towards customer experience has changed since they started using Kaizo. 

Surprisingly, within only a few months, they started saving 4-8 hours every week on reporting alone, cut their Resolution Time by 66%, and increased their Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by 5% month on month — which had a great impact on their business as a whole.


And these are only some of the numbers we received from END. on how Kaizo is helping them revolutionize their effectiveness and efficiency. 

Here’s what Noreen McDaid, Customer Service Manager at END,. told us about their experience with Kaizo: 

“A lot has changed since I first joined [END.] but getting on board with Kaizo has really transformed how we’ve worked together to deliver customer service. It’s provided us with so much invaluable information in one place and it’s given us so much more understanding of our team and our own performance.”

To read the full story, follow the link here

How END. built their best support team ever

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Expanding our marketing team

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We’re thrilled to get the Kaizo word out there but we needed reinforcements for that. And we’re happy to announce that our marketing team grew by 40% in January.


Lyubima Petrova, a remarkable marketing specialist originally from Bulgaria, joined us to be our Growth Marketing Manager, while Odé Oosthuysen, a uniquely talented wordsmith from South Africa joined our Kaizo family to be our Copywriter. 

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Having such seasoned professionals on the team will enable us to push further our great efforts in organic traffic and content marketing strategy which have already become a key pillar of Kaizo's success.

We’re extremely happy to have them on the team and excited to welcome even more people soon!

🔍Opening new roles

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Although we have already added a good number of people to the team, our ambitions and needs keep growing so our search continues. Just recently, we opened two more roles: 

Product Manager

Customer Experience Specialist

If you feel this could be you or you know someone who would make a great fit— drop us a message!

🔜 What’s next in 2022?

Kaizo is adding coaching to performance management. 

Performance coaching is part of the new world of performance management, where the workflows based on performance data are not only made possible, but can also be automated. 

We're here to show the world what can be achieved if you coach in a transparent, accessible, and actionable way based on performance metrics and enable performance coaching in a scalable way. After all, coaching is something that takes time, and performance coaching is even more complex. This is why we aim to make it simple and scalable by developing the performance workflow automation approach. 

Our goal is to enable employees to become more efficient and, therefore, more effective by saving them hours per week if not per month, wasted on irrelevant activities, lost

performance bonuses and giving them a way towards a healthier life-work balance. We are determined to make employee engagement and motivation easy for every person to be able to clearly see the impact and contribution they make to the success of their company as a whole. 

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