Gearing Up for 2022 and Talking Performance Coaching

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Customer service is not just about Quality Assurance (QA). 

There is so much more to what makes great customer support and we are determined to make 2022 a year when you can step far beyond QA and empower your agents for growth. 


Here is what our February went like.

February highlights at Kaizo

📢 Discussing Performance Coaching experiences

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The customer service industry is undergoing change. It became clear that quality assurance and performance management alone are not enough for teams to continuously improve. There is a need for a new management style, a more high-level and all-in approach to customer support. 

We brought a team of customer service experts together to learn how they manage to facilitate continuous growth and what performance coaching has to do with it. 

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You can read a detailed webinar summary and watch a recording of the webinar here

🚴🏿 Talking Quality Assurance and Performance Coaching

All roads lead to better quality with performance coaching. 

Quality assurance is only one piece of the customer service puzzle, while performance coaching is another one. How do they relate to each other and why is it that quality is impossible without continuous coaching?

We gathered 17 actionable strategies to tell you how to reach better quality assurance with the help of performance coaching now.

Download e-book for free here.

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Welcoming new people and two more nationalities

February was especially exciting for Kaizonias as three of our teams got bigger.

We welcomed Ahmed Elmeleegy, our very first Sales Manager, originally from Egypt, Angela Chiang, our Data Analytics intern from China, and Giang Vu, our HR intern from Vietnam.

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We’re still on the lookout for talented professionals who like a little spice and a lot of challenge. Take a look at our Careers page for our open vacancies!

🦸🏻‍♀️ Launching ‘Why Kaizo?’ series

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Kaizo today is a team of 29 people, representing 22 different nationalities. 

How did we manage to bring such a diverse team together? What attracts top professionals about Kaizo? We decided to ask them directly and find out why they chose Kaizo. Here’s what we found out: 

Sven van Dam, Software Engineer from the Netherlands:

“Being part of an ambitious company at such an early stage is very exciting. The work you do and ideas you come up with tend to have a direct impact on the company.”

Nataly Dalal, AI Engineer from Lebanon:

“All the learning, knowledge, and additional skills I acquire everyday, especially working with all the amazing senior engineers here. There's this environment of support that pushes me to constantly grow and thus, motivates me to work harder towards achieving our mission (Kaizo's mission) together. It’s never boring or routine. ”

Corbin Norman, MBA, Head of Marketing from the USA:

“I joined Kaizo to get a front row seat in a young company’s journey towards changing the customer experience industry. Kaizo is a whole different kind of roller coaster where after each day you can’t wait to come back and take another ride.”

👭 Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

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Equality and diversity is a core part of our founding principles so we were proud to celebrate the women acting as agents of change at Kaizo. They make a massive contribution to our success and we couldn’t be more grateful to have them with us!

🤔 What’s next?

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We’re strengthening our partnership with Zendesk, now fully integrated and usable for Zendesk Agent Workspace customers, which means you can monitor your ticket and chat metrics in real-time. With this Kaizo & Zendesk partnership, you can take control of your customer experience from A to Z by getting all of your chats integrated in one place

But there’s more. 

On March 8th, Zendesk hosted an event where product experts presented best practices, live demos, tips, and tricks that will help you drive growth with customer service.

Naturally, we couldn’t miss an event like this so Kaizo was a proud sponsor

If you want to get those fresh from the oven insights, you can watch a recording of the event here.

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