Probing the Essence of Customer Experience

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Customers want more. 

More professionalism, more insights, more data-driven action.

In fact, 87% of customers want you to proactively reach out to them regarding customer service issues, Gartner found.

In May, we focused on analyzing what great customer experience means in 2022 and what customer service teams need to do to meet the ever-rising customer expectations.

May highlights at Kaizo

📚 Sharing our expert QA templates

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QA is big. It always has been, it always will be. 

In fact, it’s one of the pillars holding customer service to begin with. 

But setting up a QA framework can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start, what to measure, how to measure it, etc.

This month, our Kaizo experts got together to create a handy QA guide that explains different types of QA templates you can use, where you can use them, and how.

All you need to do is download the ebook, adjust the templates to your company’s priorities, and go!

Download here. 

“We came to Kaizo in search of a new integrated QA software and what we got was so much more. Not only are we able to rate 3x more tickets in the same amount of time, I can easily track the effect our QA is having on our KPIs with real-time metrics tracking in the Team Scorecard. Once we login to Kaizo at the beginning of the day we don't have to leave. It's got everything we need in one fun little village.”

Shonelle Small, Customer Service Supervisor at Hyuna International Ltd.

🛒 Exploring customer experience

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Customer service is just a part of customer experience as a whole. It is about being proactive, not just reactive. 

In order to understand how to increase customer retention, you need to invest into the whole customer journey, not just ticket handling. 

We decided to drill into the topic, see what it is customer service teams can do to positively impact the overall customer experience and learn to predict customer expectations. 

You can read about our findings here:

1. Customer success vs customer experience — the real difference

2. How to manage customer dissatisfaction and what causes it

💁🏽 Upgrading Kaizo’s Help Center

We want to give our customers the best experience with our tool so this month we doubled down on our Help Center efforts and created lots of new pointers on how you can use Kaizo with ease. 

From how to install Kaizo to how to create your first QA template and Coaching Card — get all of that information in our revamped Help Center!

🎙️ Attending Summit
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We always make sure to take the front row seat in every tech hassle around. 

This month it was the Summit in Brussels, where our co-founder and Co-CEO, Christoph Auer-Welsbach, represented Kaizo on the international platform and investigated the future of tech in Europe.  

What’s next?

We don’t just research customer experience —we want to share our findings with our readers and implement them into the experience customers receive with Kaizo.

We’re relentlessly polishing our Kaizo platform for our customers to have the best experience with it and will be getting in touch with some of them to learn more about their journey with us.

Spoiler alert: get ready for some new customer stories 😎

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