Sprinting to the finish line

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Is November already over? 

Here at Kaizo, we've been laser-focused on achieving our goals and preparing for the future. 

Team brainstorming, writing customer stories, testing new solutions, and having coffees with hustlers like us who want to join our team – that's what we've been up to this November.

Before the time escapes us again, let's take a moment to reflect on this month's success!

November highlights at Kaizo

🙌🏽 Sponsoring Zendesk's Q4 What's New event

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On November 9, Kaizo partnered with Zendesk to sponsor their quarterly What's New Event.

Zendesk organizes this global event to spotlight the top trends in customer support. From new product releases to virtual networking opportunities, this event is not one to miss. 

The event kicked off with a keynote address that inspired a flurry of conversation in the event's live chat. Afterwards, viewers could jump between seminars to dive deeper into the world of customer support. 

Most exciting was the sponsor booth room! Kaizo and 7 other participating sponsors organized virtual booths to talk about all things customer support. 

Helping our global community of Support Heroes is something Kaizo takes very seriously. We are always open to sharing ideas and meeting great minds in the industry. In the past, we've held webinars, chatted with CEOs and Heads of Customer Support, organized discussion panels, recorded podcasts, and so much more! 

🔥 Announcing new openings

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This month we opened a new spot for a Sales Development Representative. Our team values collaboration and focus. That's why we're looking for a highly motivated, business-minded SDR who can help drive our product into new markets. 

Do you love chasing leads and closing deals? Can you spot a business opportunity from a mile away?

If this opportunity sounds right for you, consider joining the Kaizo Team! 


🏋🏽Helping big service teams thrive

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We like to keep in close contact with our users. After all, our mission is to design solutions that support customer service teams globally. 

We found that with tight schedules and so many agents, team leads are strapped for time. They are struggling to find balance in their day-to-day activities.

We research customer service bottlenecks so we can deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our users. 


In a recent blog post, Kaizo dives deep into the challenges of managing 50+ agents. Be sure to give it a read! 

📖Publishing a new E-book

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With the New Year quickly approaching, many companies are on the lookout for new tech! But with so many solutions to choose from, where do you start? Finding the right customer service software can feel overwhelming. When Kaizo receives a demo request, it's usually teams who are driving the search for better software. After all, they know their needs best!


We know how these support heroes are, especially during the holidays. That's why we published this simple yet informative guide to choosing the right customer service software that could support you in busy times!

With a single click, readers will learn everything they need to know about this process. 

What will you learn?

  • How software improves metrics
  • The latest trends in support technology
  • How to shop the market
  • Which features make delivering customer service easier

👀 What's Next?

🔑Kaizo is Capital's key to success!

We're not sure who was more excited about this customer story, Kaizo or Capital!

In November, we sat down with Capital, an online trading & smart investment app. In this customer story, readers will hear from Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations, and Alexei Filipovich, Customer Support Team Lead at Capital. With 50+ agents, these Support Heroes rely heavily on Kaizo to optimize operations and empower teams to improve their skills.

Keep an eye out for this glowing customer story! 

☃️Kaizo plans a day trip to Cologne!

Glühwein, twinkling lights, and making memories – that's what the holidays are all about!

The Kaizo team has been hyperfocused on growing our software. Providing our users with easy-to-use and data-driven software takes a lot of work behind the scenes. But even on our busiest days, this team bands together to get the job done. 

This month, our  Kaizo team is going on another international team building adventure. As we taste Cologne's sweet winter treats, we will take time to reflect on our year and share our vision for 2023.

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