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Life can turn on a dime, they say, and it practically did for Kaizo in September. We moved to a new office, welcomed new people, increased engagement within our remote teams, and beat our own performance targets! 


Take a look at what happened here within one month.

September highlights at Kaizo

📈 Hitting big numbers 

Let’s cut to the chase and talk numbers. In Q3, we tripled our paid customer base and hit 7,000,000 user sessions. We’re moving at breakneck speed not only with our internal growth, but also with our external reach!

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏿 Welcoming new members

If someone were to ask us to ditch our hybrid work environment, do you know what we would say? Not for all the tea in China! 


For one thing, it is this hybrid environment that gives us the opportunity to grow our international team: 17 nationalities and counting! 


Just this month, two more ninjas joined our team. Jeremiah McCurdy, a brilliant Front-end developer from the USA but currently living in Croatia and Anastasiia Andriiuk, an ambitious Head of Content from Ukraine but soon-to-relocate to the Netherlands. We’re beyond excited to see the impact they will make on life at Kaizo! 

🕵️ Opening more roles

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Just a few weeks ago, we started looking for a Marketing Generalist, an operations specialist who knows how to read numbers and interpret them into actionable strategies. 

Do you think you could make a great addition to our marketing team or know someone who could? Don’t hesitate to reach out or send a direct application here

Psst. We’re only getting started with our team scaling process, there will be more roles opening up fairly soon so keep a close eye on our Careers page or feel free to befriend our lovely recruiter, Cristina Casciuc!

🏆 Launching 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award

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In early September, we launched our 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award to celebrate all the champions doing their best to give customers an easy and pleasurable experience with their companies. Their efforts are truly impressive, yet oftentimes overlooked, as it seems. 

We took a month to gather nominees and got a whopping number — 159 candidates competing for our award and the top prize, our 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award and a brand new MacBook!

Above all, we want this award to highlight the effort and talent customer service agents put into their work and make them feel appreciated for their devotion to the craft, especially during the rocky COVID-19 times. 

♀️ Celebrating business women’s day

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Women have been making a massive contribution to the corporate culture all around the globe for ages now. On September 22, the world celebrated Business Women’s Day and we would never miss an event like that! That’s why here at Kaizo we devoted the day to the women in our team and thanked them for all the effort they put into our mission!

🔜 What’s next?

First things first, we’re celebrating Customer Service Week (Oct 4 — Oct 10). Shout-out to all the customer support champions, you’re working on Herculean tasks there!

During this week, we will announce our 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award winners and hold two webinars about the COVID-19 pains and gains in customer service. 

☀️ Last but not least, our team is going on a workation to Lisbon, Portugal. The majority of our team members work remotely and some of them never even met each other in person so this is a truly unique opportunity for us to enjoy all the perks of offline communication. Stay tuned to see how it goes!

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