Studying Customer Service Motivation and Engagement

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In 2022, it takes more than just a good product to win customer loyalty. 

Your customer service teams need to always be engaged with the work they do and highly motivated to think outside the box when servicing customers at the frontline. 

After all, studies have found that customers are more interested in having business with the agents that truly care about the brand they represent. 

But what does it mean for companies with customer service teams? How can they keep up?

We spent this month figuring that out. 

June highlights at Kaizo

🎯Exploring customer service motivation

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Motivated agents are always an asset to the company — they are ready to go above and beyond to give your customers a great experience with the brand.

But that motivation doesn’t come easily — agents need autonomy, recognition, and clear goals to stay motivated. 

So we decided to look into that motivation and things you can do to encourage your team to excel.

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🔍Opening new roles

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Our Kaizo team needs as much brain power as we can get to put our mission and ambition to reality — so we set out to look for reinforcements.

Here are the new roles we opened in June — do you see a match there? Let us know!

Backend Engineer

Frontend Developer

Full Stack Engineer

Product Manager

✔️Sharing our QA checklist

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Quality Assurance is an integral part of any customer service process. But it’s often hard to understand where to start, how to align it with company goals and expectations, etc.

To make it easier for you, in June we created an e-book that explains everything you need to know to get started with Quality Assurance and provides an easy checklist you can use right away to see how your teams are performing.

Download our Customer Service Quality Assurance Checklist here. 

🎙️Revisiting our Support Heroes Podcasts

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There are lots of challenges the customer services world has recently had to deal with. From COVID-19 to remote work and resourceful operations — you need to know the tricks of the trade to stay afloat in today’s highly competitive market.

What better way to do it than listen to experts from globally recognized companies like Zoom and Shopify to learn about their experiences in recent years?

In June, we delved into our branded podcast series called Support Heroes Podcast, where you can learn everything about the secrets of great customer service. 

Listen to our podcasts here. 

What’s next?

Customer service needs to get resourceful, more than it already is. 

Having a team of agents is a good thing, but unless you show them how to work efficiently, their performance returns will never be as high as they can get.

So we’re going to take time in July to drill into customer service resourcefulness and ways you can crack it. 

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