Exploring New Trends in Customer Service

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The customer service landscape is changing. 

New technology means automation and bots — yet customers are craving personalization and real communication even more. 

But if you don’t have that many people in your team and can’t hire anyone new — how do you provide great customer experiences?

You get resourceful, continuously train your agents, and establish a customer-first culture. 

This month we tried to understand whether this is possible and here’s what we found. 

July highlights at Kaizo

🔍 Probing “customer first” and resourcefulness in CS

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Being customer-oriented and putting the customer first is the key to a successful business in today’s competitive market. But it does not mean that the customer is always right. And it surely doesn’t mean that you should always put the interests of your customers above those of your team. 

To become a customer-first company, you need to do several things:

1. Get resourceful — know your resources and use them right. Being able to get creative and efficient is the way to optimize your current resources and provide great customer experiences without expanding the team

2. Know the needs and wants of your customer

3. Make sure your agents always feel appreciated and inspired; provide them with continuous training for better performance outcomes

For more information on our findings, feel free to read our recent blog post

📩 Sharing our personalized email templates

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Customers want personalized conversations — the last thing you want to do as a good customer service agent is to sound robotic in your emails 🤖

To make it easier for your teams to ensure effortless communication over email, we have created a guide with 5 unique customer service email templates accompanied by pro tips on how you can level up your conversations with customers.

Don’t waste another minute and download the e-book for free here

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Expanding the team & opening new roles

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This month our team got a little bigger — we welcomed a new Front-End Developer but we won’t stop there so here are some new positions we have open:

Copywriter Intern

Product Manager

Know someone who could be a great fit? Send them our way!

What’s next?

There’s obviously still much to learn about customer service optimization and efficiency. 

We want to drill deep into that topic to find out how your existing customer service teams can continue delivering stellar support without growing in size.  

But it’s vacation season so we will take some time to recharge and get back to you full of fresh insights 🌴

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