Outsmarting Customer Service Challenges

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Let’s face it: customer service teams are often understaffed, and today — more than ever. 

Hiring new talent is often not an option, but you need to increase quality of service, not employee numbers.

The truth is, customer service efficiency doesn’t require an army of customer support agents. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about how you manage them, how you organize and optimize processes around your agents.

This month we focused on dissecting those understaffing challenges and learning from the best of the best to share working efficiency tips with you. 

August highlights at Kaizo

📈 Exploring Foot Locker’s journey with Kaizo

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There’s barely anyone who doesn’t know about Foot Locker — and there’s a reason for that. 

The company stands out, exceeds, and excels in what it’s doing. One of its prominent assets is the European customer service machine.

This month we were lucky to interview Dirk Soetekouw, Director of Customer Care EMEA at Foot Locker, and Pamela Delahunt, Senior Manager of Customer Care at Foot Locker Europe, to see what’s standing behind the company’s global success.

Read this customer story: 

How Foot Locker Europe cut Resolution Time by 75% with Kaizo

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Welcoming a new team member

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We have recently welcomed Vitalii Bielievtsov, a Front-end developer from Ukraine, to expand our close-knit team and give our Kaizo platform another boost. 

Vitalii has an impressive track record of achievements, which he will use working alongside our Engineering, Product, and Design teams. 

We can’t wait to see how life at Kaizo is going to change with this new arrival! 

📚Drilling into ‘less is more’ in customer service

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Once again, the customer service industry, along with many others, is going through global layoffs. Many teams end up understaffed, stressed, overworked, and poorly motivated to excel. 

But if there is no way to expand your teams, how do you ensure high quality of customer service?

You find ways to outsmart understaffing and optimize processes so your teams are all about customer service efficiency.

This month, we focused on the topic and ways you can work with it (or against it).

Read more here:

1. Less is more: how to build the right customer service mindset

2. Outsmart customer service understaffing before it kills your CSAT

3. How to boost call center productivity in a recession

🏆 What’s next?

It’s finally that time of the year again — our annual Kaizo Support Hero Award is back!

As we’re getting ready to learn about new support agents conquering their customers’ hearts, you keep your eyes peeled — nominations will be open soon!

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